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Run by keen management consulting professionals, The Wentworth Group in Westborough, Massachusetts, has proven to be a powerful ally for employers. Feel free to read our latest news update from November 2016.

2016 Was a Rough Year to Remain Union Free!

Unions got nowhere trying to get favorable legislation passed over the last 10 years. As a result of the "Ambush Election" rule, the average campaign period has changed to about 21 days from 42 days. This is hardly enough time to build trust among voters. Unions have been winning more elections as a result. Fortunately for our clients, we have been successful in over 90% of elections since April of 2015 when the ambush rule took effect. We urge management to develop better relationships with employees ASAP in order to prevail in future union election campaigns. We are hopeful that the Trump administration's NLRB and Department of Labor will reverse the ambush rule. We are looking forward to a more management friendly 2017!

Upper Hand for Unions

As of April 2015, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which is comprised of ultra-liberal labor-supporting activists, has implemented a rule that shortens the election period from 42 days to 15-25 days. This rule change wipes out 70 years of precedent. There is optimism that the new administration in 2017 will appoint a NLRB that will reverse decisions made by the previous Board. Stay tuned!

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Shortened Voting Period

If a union petitions for an election, management will have to convince employees in as little as 15 days to vote "no" against union representation. Typically, unions will take months to gain enough support to force an election. Now, management will have the nearly impossible task of changing the hearts and minds of employees in half the time that they were previously allotted. 

Don't Wait Till It's Too Late

All hope is not lost, however. With our help, any forward-thinking company can start creating a culture whereby unions would be deemed unnecessary. Indeed, we have a comprehensive strategy that makes union intervention unlikely. Our experience shows that it takes two to three weeks just to build enough trust among employees, to the extent that they will respond well to management.

What You Can Do Now

Consider taking a hard look at your current employee relations. Do your employees trust your management team? Do they come to their supervisor with confidence that he or she will listen and address their concerns? Keep in mind that employees tend to vote against their boss rather than for a union. Your time to establish positive employee relations practices starts now. Count on us to implement an effective union mitigation strategy.